Crypterus Manual

How it works ?

It is a trend indicator for scalping, intraday and medium term trading. The algorithm follows the direction of the trend based on volatility and average true range . The method of detecting micro and macro trends is to break through the support / resistance level at the close of the candle, after which the indicator gives a signal to open a position.

- It shows LONG / SHORT entry points, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop and position averaging zone
- The indicator analyzes micro and macro trends
- It has dynamic entry points, analyzing the latest high and low data, which can change to more profitable ones.
- You can place a buy or sell order in advance using the dynamic entry points algorithm.
- The indicator works with popular markets: Cryptocurrencies / Forex / Stocks
- You can receive alerts about a new strategy to your phone or computer

The indicator strategies include 50+ trading pairs for cryptocurrencies / forex / stocks. New actual trading pairs will be added in the future every week
Initial configuration of the indicator
Open any chart, for example, Proceed to click on your chart, as shown in the screenshot below, and add the indicator to the chart.

Next steps after adding the indicator to the chart:
1) Turn on the labels in the chart settings.
2) Turn off the Indicator Values and turn on the Indicator Arguments by checking and unchecking the options.
3) Turn off the "Quantity" in the indicator settings. The indicator settings are located, as shown below.
4) Choose your desired strategy.

If you see that the strategy has the word FILTER. For example LINKUSDTPERP - BINANCE FUTURES [15 MIN] FILTER

Need to set a label into Inputs tab
5) The next step is choosing a timeframe and the exchange to execute your desired strategy. If it's 15 minutes, then the timeframe is also set as 15 minutes!
All these values MUST match.
Deciding on a Long or Short position

Enter your chosen position when the price reaches the red or green "plus sign +" on the chart.
The closer the price is to the plus sign, the higher the probability of the corresponding position. Noteworthy, a short and long situation will arise if you are close to the red or green sign, respectively.

Afterwards, set your pending market stop orders (using Stop Market) at the indicated prices in advance. When using a stop limit order, you must understand that it may not be triggered or canceled. Decide for yourself which is best for you!

Сrosses are dynamic, sometimes you need to monitor the indicator and change them on the exchange.

For example, if you want to enter a long position at $1 (current price - let's say $0.98), set the trigger price to $1 and press the Buy/Long option depending on your strategy.
You can also set a take-profit in advance (using Stop Market option or Limit order). For instance, set trigger price to 1.1$, and press Sell/Short. In case of Stop Market type of order - check "Reduce only".

Open a position in 2-3 parts

For example, you are trading $ 500 in 1 trade - this is your working deposit. Then you open
1 part 30% of the position (this is $ 150) opens when the cross is reached. It often happens that the price breaks the level without a rollback.

2 part 30% of the position (add another $ 150) averaging the position from a pullback in the yellow range or additional signals (orange forms)
Or the second option

You miss a signal LONG/SHORT to enter a position. You are waiting for a rollback to the orange zone. When you see orange figures, you can open a position. As a result, your input will be much better than the signal from the LONG / SHORT indicator. Close the position when you see the same return signals.

If the price reaches the opposite cross, then the position must be reversed. Add a position only if the price has not reached TP3.

For example, you see that a short has opened and a rollback to the yellow zone has started. There we add a part of the position after which the price reaches TP1 & TP2. Then we already see a additional signals (orange forms) and there we can again add or open a new position if the previous one was closed at TP1 TP2. Once the price hits TP3, ignore the rest of the additional signals (orange forms). Since the price has already gone far enough.

Just wait for a new signal.
How do I know the TP price in advance?
After the position is opened, you will get TP1 / TP2 / TP3 / TP4 / TP5 and STOP LOSS data
Take profit and Stop loss
When to take profit ?

The procedure of using the strategies is as follows: enter the position as the indicator recommends, then close about 70% of the position into profit on the TP 1-2-3. After that, move the remainder of the position to breakeven (BE) or slightly lower than the entry point and take profit as it grows.

  • 1 ТP = 0.5% - close 25% of position
  • 2 ТP = 1% - close 25% of position
  • 3 ТP = 1.5% - close 25% of position
  • 4 TP = 2% - close 15% of position
  • 5 TP = 5% - close 10% of position

    Accuracy TP 1-2-3 more, than TP 4-5. Consider this !


Its value is shown in the marks (on the price scale). Reaching this price (line) will lead to the position closing at the fixed stop.

The position will also be closed by the stop loss if the price reaches the opposite plus "+." Eventually, there will be an auto-reversal to a new position (from short to long/from long to short). If the price is attained earlier, that is "+" or a standard stop, will serve as a stop loss.

If the strategy is in a long position, IGNORE the strikethrough value (Long entry) as the strategy is already in a long position, and you've missed it. You have to wait for a new signal.

But if you missed the entry and just 1 TP was hit, you could still enter the position.

Focus only on Short entry/Take profits/SL.

Same for a short position.
How to set up alerts
Step 1

Choose the desired strategy, decide on the timeframe, and the exchange for the desired strategy. If it's 45 minutes, then the timeframe is also set as 45 minutes.

Step 2.

Move your mouse cursor over the strategy name and choose "Add alert".

Step 3.

Copy and paste this into the Message window:

{{strategy.order.comment}} @{{strategy.order.price}}

And then click Create.
New version v1.9. What's New ?
Uninstall the indicator and reinstall it to the latest version
Additional signals of intersections of 2 movings on the chart (It will not be displayed as an oscillator, but will be displayed on the chart as up or down patterns. It is shown here as an example. It shows divergence and convergence on the chart. If yellow patterns are directed upwards, buy , sell down. /

For example, you can use this as a buy signal or add your own position. Apply this to the main signals of the LONG / SHORT indicator and develop your strategies. This can help you decide whether to add a position or close it.
Same for a short position.
Traling Stop

Optional. You can enable it in the indicator settings in the Style tab.

For opened LONG position, use the upper trailing stop.
For opened SHORT position, use the lower trailing stop.

This way you can maximize your profits in the big bull / bear market. Do not forget to set Trailing Stop Orders, if you are using this feature.

When the trailing stop is reached, there will be an auto-reversal to a new position (from short to long / from long to short).

Many exchanges provide opening positions in both directions. Hedging

Also on the example of this chart, the position is long now. If you are sure that the market is bullish, then you may not completely close the LONG position when the trailing stop is reached.

You can open a hedge short when the price reaches the red cross, and put an open long position at breakeven or at the main stop loss.

Warning: If you do not understand these strategies, ignore or do not use it. It will be difficult for beginners to immediately understand, but if you figure it out, you can constantly be in a good profit.


- Always do your analysis. It is beneficial to rely on the indicator, but conducting research and analysis is highly recommended.
- It is recommended to set your leverage from 5x to 15x.
- Develop your own strategies and follow them.
- Explore the strategy tester
- Find one coin with the best win rate. Learn Signals in History
- You can open several tabs in the browser and select a specific strategy in each tab. For example, one tab for the BTC strategy, another one for BCH, and the third one for EOS.

Best Strategies:



XAGUSD ( Silver ) - OANDA